To All Volunteers Sponsors

Another year of the International Plowing Match and Rural Expo has come and gone. We have just completed the third match to have been held in the Waterloo Region area. Our event this year was a great success on many levels.

Based on our feed back from attendees- people loved the exhibits, the stage entertainment, the various events (especially the unique barn raising feature this year), the food, fashion shows, the huge response to the education programs, the amazing steam show and the wonderful Oktoberfest lounge. Not to mention excellent competitive plowing of all kinds.

It was a truly unique and special event. We expect to have raised excess funds to support our charitable groups and community charities as well.

This is a massive and expensive venture, recreated in a new farm field and new community year after year. It is the type of event that is impossible to offer to our communities without the sincere and personal support of both our sponsors and our volunteers.

Our sponsors and Young & Haggis Insurance Services Ltd. make it possible to help build and finance this unique venture. Much of our infrastructure and venues could not exist without the material support, the on-site labour and of course the cash donations.

This year our sponsors contributed over 1 million dollars of value in some form of support. It is truly appreciated and we hope that your time and money has brought you satisfaction and recognition for the contributions you have made on behalf of the agricultural industry and our own community.

Our volunteers are the back bone of the event, both its organization and its operations. Many of you have volunteered individually since the beginning of the planning, about 2 years ago. You can take pride in the concept, structures and events you have created and have seen come to fruition during the month of September in Roseville. Without your contribution there could not have been a 99th IPM RE. Our sincere and heartfelt thanks.

Many more volunteers have worked with us more recently as a member of a group or organization that contributed many members to assist in the day to day operation of the event during IPM month. Your assistance and contributions meant that people were able to attend the event, get to various locations, be supported on site, educated and fed during the match. On behalf of us all, thank you for your involvement in our event this year. We hope you enjoyed your time and enjoyed the event itself.

We certainly had our challenges during the week of the match. An unprecedented rainfall flooded the fields and site with flowing mud, from which we only partially recovered.

Through it all both sponsors, committee members, individual volunteers and group volunteers, persevered to ensure that a wonderful program and product was there for those who we adventurous enough to attend, regardless of conditions. It was certainly disappointing to see so many working through such difficult conditions and to see our attendance expectations reduced. But, the smiles on the faces of the nearly 77 000 brave souls who did attend has made it all worth our while.

On behalf of all of us on the IPM RE and Ontario Plowmen’s Association executives we thank you all for being a part of Plowing Match history in both Waterloo Region and in Ontario. Something never to forget.

Many thanks and many memories.